Final Project – Nissan Skyline Commercial

Wow, I havent updated for a while and i think its about time I do.

I am currently working on my final project which will be a car commercial for the Nissan Skyline.

For this project i decided to work mostly with 3D. I did not model the car but modeled and animated everything else. Iam still in the process of completing this project but decided i would post up a video of one of the test renders i did. Keep in mind that this is just a test render. Lighting, camera angles and animations are not finalized yet.

If anyone has any comments, ideas or suggestions as to what i can do to improve on my project, please feel free to leave a comment.


I am trying to find the time to update and change the whole layout of my blog so check back in for that along with more updates on my final project.

Enrique ~ エンリケ


~ by enr1que on September 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “Final Project – Nissan Skyline Commercial”

  1. Cool! I wanna see more!!

  2. Looking good! Keep up with the good work~(^-^)b

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